Stand Alone LSx Harness Conversion Page

Please print this page for a Quote

Engine Wiring Harness Stand Alone Conversion (LS Based Only)

            Name _________________________

Your Harness Information from Donor Vehicle (If you are un-sure, text pics of your harness with this form)

            Year                _______________________

            Make             _______________________

            Model            _______________________

            Injector Type  -  Delphi     /    EV1       /      EV6  (if you are unsure contact me)

Notes: (Broken Connectors, cut wires?) _____________________________________________________________________


Your Stand Alone Harness Preferences

            Intake Manifold Type ( if you are running anything custom please note)

                        Truck             /          Car

            Accessory Orientation ( Describe Below, Alternator position etc.)



Transmission Type –  T56 / 4l60E / 4l80E / Other:

If other please describe _________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________

PCM location and distance from center of engine at the bellhousing:


When completed email or text a clear pic. of this form to me and I will text you back a quote and lead time. If you agree, I will then email you a PayPal invoice.

Thank you,  Metaltek Manufacturing

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